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This DECONTAMINATOR is a simple one step unit that will remove up to 95% of solid contaminants (down to approximately 30 microns) and 100% visible water, including emulsified water that may be in the fuel.  

Using an entirely new unique filter design this system will ensure a 100% solution to the problem of water and particulate contamination in fuel.

The Decontaminator performs this function with a reusable lifetime filter element which can be easily cleaned and re installed without using any tools.

Simply drain the collected water, sediments and sludge by opening the valve on the bottom of the unit. Remove the special lifetime filter element and carefully clean.

Various models are available to suit engine horsepower sizes ranging from 150 HP - up to 1200 HP.


1. It will clean and improve your fuel system.

2. Extends the life of the engine, injection pump and injectors.

3. Combustion of the fuel would be much improved - which would lead to better fuel efficiency.

4. Will reduce exhaust emissions.

5. Reduces downtime.

6. Will reduce consumption of standard engine fuel filters by more than 70-80%.

7. Major environmental benefit due to reduction in land fill.