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General Engineering Services (GES)

  • Civil Engineering

    • General construction
    • Constructions and repairs steel buildings and structures
    • Construction and Repairs of Drilling Locations
    • Construction and Repairs of Roads (Oilsand, Stone/boulders & Asphalt)
    •  Supply of Oilsand, Asphalt & Yellow Boulders
    • Earth Works, Concrete Work 
    • Erosion Prevention
    • Project Management

Electrical and Instrumentation Services

Powered by: Hydraulic Power System 

  • Maintenance of Control Panels and Systems
  • Tubing 
  • Hydrostatic Testing Equipment
  • Pneumatic Liquid Pumps
  • Pneumatic Gas booster pumps
  • Custom Testing rigs (eg. Valves, Hoses, PRVs) 
  • Custom Control panels
  • Flushing Rigs
  • Upstream & Downstream Industrial Electrical Installation and Maintenance
  • High Pressure Data Acquisition Units

Mechanical Maintenance

  • Preventative and Corrective maintenance – Gate valves, Side Arm Valves, Master valves, Plug valves, Relief valves, check valves, chart recorders, motor valves
  • Preventative and Corrective Maintenance‐ Pumping Jacks
  • Preventative and Corrective Maintenance‐ Boilers, heater, vessels, columns and Tank Repairs.
  • Manufacturing and repairs of containment tanks.

ShipServ Procurement Services (SPS) 24/7

  • Ship and Rig Supplies and Custom Procurement Shopping
  • Bonded Stores, Cabin Stores, Engine Stores, Deck Stores, Electrical Stores and Food Products Stores Supplies
  • Safety Equipment and any other necessities
  • Armed or Un‐Armed Shuttle Services
  • Diving Services
  • Potable and Non‐Potable Water Truck (Metric Ton)
  • Vacuum Truck Services
  • HVAC and Refrigerating Systems Repairs
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing and Bolt Torqueing Services
  • Medical On‐Board visits and Vaccinations (Trinity Medical)