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Nord-Lock wedge-locking products are recognized around the world for their ability to secure bolted joints exposed to severe vibration and dynamic loads. The system cannot loosen unintentionally as it creates a wedge underneath the bolt head/nut. An ideal solution for bolted joints where failure is not an option. 


Nord-Lock Washers

Original Nord-Lock washer with proven success in many industries worldwide. Available in various sizes and materials.

Nord-Lock SC-Washers

Specially designed for the use in steel construction applications and to fit HV-sets and HR-sets.

Nord-Lock Wheel Nuts

Safe wheels save lives- eliminate the risk of wheel loosening on heavy vehicles.

Nord-Lock Combi Bolt Washers

Specifically designed to be captivated on a bolt (SEMS).

Customer Specials

Presenting the most efficient and cost effective solutions for your bolted connections.