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TorqTag is an accessory of Torqcomm which is a  simple and cost effective solution for tagging flange fasteners. Each set of TorqTag consists of 28 durable strong magnetic discs, numbering from 1-28 to signify the correct bolting sequence.

They also have a barcode corresponding with each number to enable electronic data collection systems such as the Torq-Comm Commander range to scan and identify each bolt during the tightening sequence.  Sets are available in three colours, red green or yellow.   In their durable packaging, they aren’t much bigger than a stick of chalk and are easy to store and carry.

As each bolt is tightened in the correct sequence the colored button is removed signifying that part of the operation is complete, making it extremely easy for the operator to keep on top of where they are in the process.

  • They are designed to be attached anywhere around the flange or joint    or to the top of the bolt itself on larger applications
  • They are so slim that they can be stacked on top of each other
  • This enables the user to control multiple passes during bolt tightening operations

An operator can take a break or even leave the job during a shift change and the job can be picked up later by a new operator with ease. Not quite as cheap as a stick of chalk but compared to the cost of an incorrectly tightened, leaking joint and the remedial work required it’s a must for every bolting technician’s toolkit. And of course, they are 100% reusable.